THE EYES

Don't ever underestimate the power of eyes,
Hence they can tell you secrets which my mouth would never tell.
Am I an angel or am I a devil in disguise?
And will I drag your soul with me to Heaven or to Hell?
Or will I tempt you with my glance, seduce and mesmerize
To leave you later in the dark or do I wish you well?
Don't ever underestimate the power of eyes,
Hence they can burn, and they can heal, and they can cast a spell.

© Copyright, 2012

                          I AM IN LOVE

"What makes you so rambunctious and so wild?
And what makes you not care what others think?
What makes you hyperactive like a child?
What makes you go and dance without a blink?
What makes you so upbeat and so excited?"
I'm asked by those who do not know me well.
"What are you on? I would have gladly tried it!
Are you in love?" I am! Why, can't you tell?
I am in love! I will not even hide it!
In love with life! With every breath I take!
And with the way my heart one day ignited!
I am in love and hence I am awake!
I am in love with my creative brain
And with an opportunity to write.
I am in love with being this insane,
Spontaneous, fun, obnoxious, but polite.
I am in love with always standing out,
With starting my uniquely own trends.
With those who trust in me without a doubt
And are, of course, my family and friends,
I am in love with coffee in the morning,
With milk, and sugar, and vanilla smell.
I am in love. And every day I'm learning
How much I love my every single cell!
I am in love with poems that I've written
And with a portrait that I made of clay.
I am in love with Princes of Great Britain,
And one of them is single by the way :)
I am in love with cakes with cream cheese topping,
With avocados and with mango juice.
I am a woman. I'm in love with shopping
And buying things I'll never ever use.
I am in love with roles I get assigned.
I am in love with people I attract.
I am in love with my too-open mind,
With never knowing what I should expect,
With the adventures I get often into
And with the way my heart begins to race.
I am in love with snow in the winter
And with the warmth of sun rays on my face!
In love with funny quotes of Oscar Wilde
And with the gentle sea waves on the sand.
And I'm in love with you if you just smiled
And finished reading this up to the end.

© Copyright, 2013

                      LOVE  IS...

Love is not just rings and roses,
Love is not just fun and sex,
And the second he proposes,
It gets slightly more complex.
If you think that love is simple,
You are in for a surprise.
Love is laughing at a pimple.
Love is praising any size ;)
Love is smiles instead of winces
While you clean after her dog.
Love is giving up on princes.
Love is falling for the frog.
Love is coming from a banquet
With a belly full of beer 
Wishing that you never drank it,
And that neither did your dear.
There’s one bathroom in the house,
Any second you will burst,
But you tell your precious spouse:
“It’s okay, you can go first.”
Love is giving the remote.
Love is hugging every night.
Love is giving her your coat
Even if you had a fight. 
Love is laundry, love is dishes,
Love is vacuuming a lot.
Every single couple wishes
Love was simpler but it’s not.
Love is not a fairy tale.
It’s a game without a plan.
But the true love will prevail,
If you give it all you can.


© Copyright, 2015

            THE RIGHT LOVE...

I’ll never be a housewife,
I’ll never be a full-time mother.
This isn't how you see your life,
So leave me now and do not bother.
I need to constantly create,
My mind is in the wrong dimension.
So leave me now before it’s late.
Yes, leave me now or never mention
That I don’t love you as I should,
That I don’t listen and space out,
That you cannot predict my mood,
That you don’t know what I’m about.
I would have listened if I could,
But muses in my head are loud!
I mean it! Leave! I am no good!
My head is always in the cloud.
I cannot love you just part-time.
When I said leave, I really meant it.
It would be such a sinful crime
To keep you constantly tormented.
Trust me, we’re better off apart.
I’m a bad girlfriend. Time has shown.
I say it with a heavy heart,
 But I am bound to be alone.
Though, if you’re in this, too, of course,
And understand my crazy mind,
And if my muse is fond of yours,
Our souls sure may get intertwined.
And then together we shall thrive,
Raise artist kids, critique each other.
If not, I’ll be an awful wife,
And never be a full-time mother…

© Copyright, 2013


         OF THE PAST


when the moon is

too bright


And Morpheus

Ignores my pleading,


I pour myself

A cup of jasmine tea

And sink into the city's serenity.


I walk the streets

Covered in footprints

Of the past. 


When no one sees,

I press my palms

Against the stone walls

And breathe in

The aroma

Of antiquity.


I wonder

Whose hands

Lay these bricks,


These stones

That now hold the secrets

Of so many souls.


I slowly glide 

From street to street.


I look around 

and wonder

Who planted 

all these trees,


Hundred year old oaks,

These silent guards

Of peace.


How many lovers

Hid in their shade?


I trace the fences

With my finger,


And they remind me 

Of the frost patterns

On the windows.


Oh, windows,

No movie can compare:

Each has a plot

Too tempting not to watch.

The guilty pleasure

Many of us share.


It's tough indeed

To just resist

The urge

To look.


The urge to get

This feeling

Of nostalgia,

Which is an elixir

To my unsettled heart.


When the tsunami

of emotions

Quiets down,


I keep on walking

Down the memory lane

Of other people,


Which starts

To intercept

With mine.


It's hard

To comprehend,

But I begin to feel

Like an inseparable part

Of this city's

Elaborate puzzle.


I feel like I make sense.

Without me

And my story

This city would be


© Copyright, 2014


I'm a freedom-loving creature,
Very difficult to tame. 
And my most distinctive feature
Is my glance filled with a flame. 
Burning like a real fire,
Hurting like a real knife,
Rather soon, like all those prior,
You'll be running for your life.
I'm Medusa from the legend. 
I'm a siren in disguise. 
I am worse than you've imagined.
Do not look into my eyes. 
You don't want your friends to mourn you
As a man who played with fate. 
Do not say I did not warn you. 
Look away before it's late. 
Oh, you think that you can tame me? 
Keep in mind, as you proceed:
Many men have that been claiming, 
None have managed to succeed. 
Try if you think you're so clever, 
I have warned you. That is all. 
But I doubt that you will ever
Tame this freedom-loving soul.


© Copyright, 2013

                     MY MUSE

"I'm a good writer" I stated
And asked for triumph and fame.
The Universe got frustrated  
With this vainglorious claim.
It thought to teach me a lesson:
Got me enslaved by a muse.
Who is a curse and a blessing,
A gift I cannot refuse.
She guides my pen on the paper, 
While putting thoughts in my head. 
There is no way to escape her.
Although she's driving me mad.
Her whisper runs through my veins.
Her cry reflects in my beat.
While she both fills me and drains,
Without her, I'm incomplete.
As she decided to nestle,
One cannot pull us apart.  
She uses me as a vessel,
To every page of my heart. 
I cannot leave her or fight her:
She stole my soul to engrave.
But if she makes me a writer,
Then I'll be gladly her slave.

© Copyright, 2017

© 2017 Maria Shamkalian