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With Mayor Jim Kenney,

discussing the impact of PHLPreK Program

on the children and their families


At City Hall,  giving a testimony on the necessity of the free or affordable preschools for the children from struggling families

Education is the cornerstone of

a successful and prosperous community, while differentiated instruction is the compass in the quest to lifelong happiness. Our job as adults is not just to teach kids general subjects, but to help them find their true calling, their passion in life.

We must guide them in discovering their talents so that one day they get a job that they actually love, a job that makes them happy. We must ensure that all the kids have access to high quality early childhood education, where they can get a head start in achieving their American Dream.  


With Governor Tom Wolf,

discussing the new initiative of incorporating diversity and anti-bullying education 


In Philadelphia child care centers, distributing the donations collected at the

Bliss of Giving Festival

A documentary-based video in support of the Mayor Kenney's PHLPreK program that can help 6500 children prepare for school, get a head start in life, and fulfill their American Dream. All the children in the video were currently enrolled in the PHLPreK program.

With Congressman Brendan Boyle,

celebrating the grand achievement of receiving the 4th Keystone Star - the highest rating for Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education centers.

Bliss of Giving Festival is a family-oriented charity event with an over 800 people attendance and a great mission of teaching children the power of kindness and the importance of helping other children in need. Last year we collected two trucks of donations for the struggling families.

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